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About Wordshed (and about Poetry and Verse)

I like to write and have since I was a teenager, when I wrote terrible, embarrassing rubbish- just like a lot of other bedroom would be poets. 

But I persisted, nevertheless. Hopefully, over a long, long time, I have got better!

Words and imagery hold a fascination for me. In the last five years or so, I have been (seriously) writing poetry or more accurately, verse.

What is the difference you may ask?

To me, poetry is a technical skill as well as a language skill. Verse is different as it does not really conform to poetic styles such as sonnets, haiku and a whole other myriad of forms. I write mostly from intuition; often writing a first draft quite quickly and then I tinker with the words and the length of the lines and such…some come quicker than others and some might be incomplete and returned to at a later date. Many just end up in the bin or unseen. That’s writing.

I suppose my verse is more prose than poetry. Does it matter? I think not.

Poetry or verse that fails to communicate something – however clever or inventive it may be – is bad poetry and verse.

I believe the prime purpose of a writer is to communicate something to readers; to strike a chord in them, to engage and sometimes entertain.

I just like to write and that is why I write.

Please enjoy these poems/verse and any comments or feedback is very welcome.

Alan Savage, August 17th, 2011.


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